The effect of the strategy of the seven-course learning cycle (ES.7) in the direction of students towards the game of rhythmic gymnastics


The problem of the research is that the researchers observed, through their experience in the educational process of the subject of teaching methods and rhythmic aesthetics for the students, in not using modern strategies in the educational process, especially in light of electronic education, and being content with presenting video or progressive presentations (PowerPoint), and this does not make much use in communicating information to learners , As teaching in the field of physical education differs from other fields or specializations in that academic achievement is closely linked to application, and a large number of students whose answers are limited and stereotyped and have similar repeated answers, which negatively affects their level of thinking and intelligence and as a result their level of achievement Scholastic and their trend towards the gymnastics game. Therefore, the researcher used a strategy (ES.7) that contributes to identifying the students' attitudes towards practicing rhythmic gymnastics.The research aims to: 1-Identifying the effect of the strategy of the seven-course learning cycle ES.7 on the direction of students towards the game of rhythmic gymnastics2- Building a test of female students ’attitude towards the rhythmic gymnastics game for female students of the second stage in the Faculties of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Al-Mustansiriya University.3- Preparing educational units for your rhythmic gymnastics according to the strategy of the seven-course learning cycle ES.7The researcher used the experimental method in the manner of the two groups of pre and post test, and the community of origin was the second stage students, which numbered (100) students who were chosen by the intentional method and they represent the research community and its sample. Originally, the researcher conducted the pre-tests, applied the seven-year strategy for learning, and then conducted the post-tests, and after that the research results were processed by her own statistical means. The researcher reached the most important conclusions, the most important of which were:1- The strategy of the seven-course learning cycle (ES.7) has an effective effect on cognitive achievement in the game of rhythmic gymnastics.The researcher recommends the following: -1-The researcher recommends that the seven-course learning strategy (ES.7) should be used in other studies, other activities, and different age groups.