Efficiency of the Production System and the Rate of Utilization of the Production Capacity of the Electrical Measuring Plant in Diyala Company for Electrical Industries


The research aims to measure the efficiency of the operating production system and the rateof utilization of the production resources in the laboratory of the manufacture of electricalmeasurements one of the laboratories of Diyala Electric Industries based on the levels of energyachieved, Based on the production records in the research sample for the year 2016, The resultswere obtained by analyzing the data in EXCEL program and using the production capacityequations, Which led to the research to the moderate level of efficiency of operation, and low inthe rate of utilization of the resources used in the laboratory because of the decline in actualproduction compared to the design capacities of the plant, In light of this the researchrecommended the need to raise the actual annual production through the work of preventivemaintenance rather than therapeutic, And adopting a demand-driven energy strategy. As well asthe two-meal system and forecast for a future period to estimate the actual need for the market ofthe company's products