Art education teaching skills for art education teachers In middle school in Babylon


The importance and necessity of teaching skill appeared in many aspects; As the teacher's mastery of this skill facilitates the achievement of the objectives of the teaching process, the researcher found a lack of dealing with teaching skills in the field of teaching art education in general and studied drawing in particular, despite its importance and need, so the current research problem is determined by the following:. Some teachers' poor knowledge of how to plan teaching.1. 2.The weakness of the lesson presentation skills that the art education teacher must master, preparing for the lesson and diversifying the stimuli, and closing the "lesson3.The Some teachers' weakness in knowing the results of the evaluation process. importance of the research came to raise the level of technical education teachers ’skills in the following areas: lesson planning skill, lesson implementation skill, assessment skill. The aim of the research was "to determine the teaching skills of art education teachers in the secondary stage (middle section) in the General Directorate of Education in Babil Governorate."To verify the performance of art education teachers in the intermediate stage, direct observation adopted a method, because it is one of the most reliable methods for performance and behavior tests. To this end, a form for observing the skills of teaching drawing was prepared, after reviewing the educational literature and reviewing the objectives of teaching art education in Intermediate stage, and The observing the performance of a sample of distinguished art education teachers. researcher concluded the following results: (Weak acquisition of planning skills during the preparation period, middle schools for boys and girls are similar to academic capabilities, which makes the practice of art education teachers and teachers of art education skills similar because it is related to the degree of availability of school capabilities in the school). In the conclusions, there is a difference in the level of performance of drawing skills among art education teachers in the middle school in Babylon