Arab - Turkish relations In light of contemporary regional and international changes


There is no doubt that the research on the subject of contemporary Arab-Turkish relations under the new circumstances of Arab, regional and international change is of particular importance, especially since these relations represent two strategic regions of the world. They represent the important aspect of what is called the term in the Middle East and in a regional and international environment. Have been almost permanent in both internal politics and international relations since the end of the cold war in the bipolar international order and the transition to unipolar US-led policy since the late 1980s and early 1990s From the last century until today .. Therefore, our research here seeks to know the reasons and the political and economic reasons and the military forces of the main actors in the region, and the supporting forces behind the policy, by studying the conditions and historical relations between Arabs and Turks, and try to know the constants and variables of foreign policy And the real balance on the ground. We are also trying to find out whether the new Turkish policy under the conditions of the new Arab change or what is called the (W) Arab Spring), based on national interests or based on the interests and other international agenda required to implement ... Why and how ??. These and other questions we try to discuss and answer them through research.