Believability and Solidarity in American Political Speeches: A Critical Discourse Analysis


This paper aims to study language as a means of persuasion adopted by the American politicians in their speeches. The linguistic choices made by the different politicians have created huge impacts in the minds of the people. The paper explores the uses of various parts of speech, figures of speech which when used tactfully by the leaders had different impacts on the masses. It investigates the use of combination of words used by world leaders of both the English speaking countries in order to influence and keep the audience hooked onto their speeches. This paper will thusly mean to research language in the space of administrative issues by examining the sorts of semantic instruments that government officials use in their addresses in order to develop credibility and solidarity with the group similarly as persuade them while also needing to uncover the political methods of reasoning kept up by them as appeared through their aimless strategies. The strategies used by politicians to motivate citizens by selective use of words always have a deep impact on the human minds. Particularly, the American leaders, in their speeches have articulated words perfectly to stir human interest and intrigue them to listen to them intently. This paper will utilize basic sources amassed from the web by getting to chronicled destinations for the United States , which contains transcripts of political locations. Further, it proceeds to analyses the use of the figures of speech used by the leaders of the country while citing explanations from various texts. The paper aims to draw a comparative analysis on the way semantic plays a role in the speeches of the politicians. The philosophy of using some defined structure are thereby presented by critically examining the speeches from the nation .