Bank privatization.


Since the banking system has been at the forefront of the success of any country's economy as it plays a major role in economic activity and is the driving force for development, it was one of the most important sectors in which privatization was required. In order to carry out the process of banking privatization, Divided into comprehensive privatization and partial privatization, as well as the privatization of direct and automatic privatization, as well as must be addressed the most important motives that called for the privatization of banks, as the most important motives were economic motives and attract the heads of foreign funds. As bank privatization affects the economic and political interests of the state and also has a direct relationship with the interests of individuals, it is not possible to implement this privatization in a country without relying on the Law, as it must have a legal framework and in most cases a constitutional framework for the purpose of making it legitimate on the one hand and to achieve a balance between the protection of public property and the exploitation of the ideal and protect the interests of individuals on the other.