.The legal system for the protection of submarine cables


Marine cables from concepts are not modern, but were not reveal by research and regulation previously, as the first appearance of the term marine cables in the Paris Agreement of 1864, which it is then called wire, but the Domain and field of work of this agreement was weak because of the small number of the state joining it, and then the situation evolved to the emergence Other agreements that regulation of submarine cables such as the Law of the Sea agreements of 1958, which included the Articles of the Paris Agreement with amendment to them, but the most important agreement that dealt with cables by regulation is the 1982 agreement that defined the land in that the submarine cables are supplied to, as well as who has the right to extend the cables from coastal and landlocked countries, and this is what he discussed in some detail during the research, Based on the foregoing, marine cables are used in the field of transporting communications and radio broadcasts, whether for television or radio, as well as used in the transfer of the Internet.