Assessing the risk factors for cytomegalovirus and prediction the relationship between abortion and virus in Kirkuk City Hospitals


Background: Cytomegalovirus belongs to the Herpesviridae family of subfamily Betahrpesvirnae. CMV is one of the major causes of perinatal and congenital viral infection. Also can cause spontaneous abortion in pregnant women in the first trimester of gestation.Objective: To identify the relationship between CMV and women’s demographic variables of age, parity, occupation, residence and socioeconomic status etc. To determine the prevalence rate of CMV in aborted women in the 1st trimester. To assess the relationship between abortion and CMV. To determine anti CMV IgM and IgG in women after abortion. To find out the consequences of risk factorsof CMV on fetus and maternal.Methodology: A descriptive correlational design was used in this study. Data were collected from three maternity hospitals in Kirkuk city. A convenience sample of (100) aborted women in the first trimester of gestation were selected in this study, who were admitted in maternity hospitals. A questionnaire designed about assess the risk factors for cytomegalovirus and prediction the relationship between abortion and virus. Assessment tool was constructed by the researcher after extensive review of previous studies and relevant literature. The study instrument consists of two main parts; part one was Demographic data for. And the part two include (Test result and Risk factors for cytomegalovirus on pregnant women). The data weredescribed statistically and analyzed through the use of descriptive and inferential statistical analysis procedures Results: The prevalence rate of CMV IgG seropositivity was reported (37%), while the prevalence rate of CMV IgM seropositive results was lower (1%). The majority of the study sample was within middle age group (26 – 36 years, live in urban areas, housewives, BarelySufficient economic status and Consanguineous). There is significant correlation of CMV and (abortion, stillbirths, Age at Menarche, Regularity of Menstrual Cycle, Age at Married, Interval between last pregnancy & present Pregnancy, Causes of Abortion, Number of Para,Type of Previous Delivery to Present Delivery, IgG & IgM Test Results).Conclusion: CMVI showed significant effects on the abortion rates among pregnant women in the first trimester of gestation. In this study the socio-economic status of the tested women has no significant effects on the rates of anti-CMV IgG and IgM seropositive results. Keywords: Cytomegalovirus, prevalence rate of CMV, anti-CMV IgG and IgM, risk factors of CMV