Legal Regulation of Buyer's Solutions to the Tenant's Place


If the tenant constructs a factory on the lessor's property, a condition that requires the tenant to pay a particular property to build a factory on it. This relationship will take place between the lessor and the lessee according to the tenancy contract between them. However, the forms arise when the tenant wants to sell the plant that he has established. The presence of the restrictive restriction from that imposed by the lessor in the tenancy contract, the tenant's disposition of the sale of his factory leads to disturbance of the contractual relationship concluded between the lessee and the lessor of the real estate owner, because this act leads to the replacement of a person who is the tenant of the factory and is the most important and most prominent manifestations Common in the Legal actions in which the legal relations are complex because of multiple parties after it was limited to two parties are the tenant owner of the factory and the lessor of the owner of the property in which the tenant established a factory