The grammatical responses of Abu Al-Thanaa Al-Alusi in his interpretation of the spirit of meanings , Surat Al-Imran as a model


Grammarians and linguists are accustomed to releasing judgments and comments that are rich in their books and studies , and the purpose of that is evaluation to reach the correct opinion , through discussion , weighting , objection and response in many cases , and the difference of views is an important factor in Enriching thought , linguistics and grammar , and at the same time revealing the beauty of language and the accuracy of its details . According to Imam Alusi , the response is one of the means by which he rejects many of the opinions that scholars have reported , whether the response is related to structure or vocabulary , depending in those responses on his culture , informing him and continuing his readings .And Surat Al-Imran was subject to study because it included a number opinions that Al-Alusi responded , and the responses were regular according to the verses in the Holy Surah .