Zine El-Din Kogak Deputy of Mosul (539_563 BH/1145_1168 AH)


Zineuddin Ali Kogak is a deputy of the Mosul fortress in the Zanki era, and during the reign of Imad al-Din Zanki, the founder of the Zankid state. Zineuddin Kogak is one of the most important men of the Zankian state. In addition to being a deputy of the Mosul Citadel, Arbil, Amadiyah, Hamediyah, Tikrit, Sinjar and Harran. He was trusted by Emir Imad al-Din Zanki, one of his most important military leaders. He played a role in the military actions that contributed to the support of Islam, the protection of the Abbasid Caliphate and the Zangid state, as well as his status with the Seljuk Sultans Iraq to Along with the Abbasid caliphate. He played a role in the urban movement in the city of Mosul, contributing to the construction of mosques and schools there