The Alawites Gentlefolks contributions to public life in the Levant and Egypt during the period from the fourth century to the tenth century of migration


After the Islamic countries, including the Levant and Egypt from the fourth century until the tenth century of immigration, witnessed major political unrest, they led to the entry of these countries under the rule of several large and small countries, such as the Fatimid state, the Ayyubids, and the Mamluks, which affected the life of the Islamic community, and who had to stand firm in front of all the challenges imposed on them by the conditions of political turmoil at the time, and among the society of the Levant and Egypt they appeared The Alawites Gentlefolks, the descendants of the two Imam Hassan and Hussein, peace be upon them, the sons of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, peace be upon him, from his wife Fatima Al-Zahra, peace be upon him, the daughter of the great Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as a fundamental part of society, raising the banner of challenge, their goal is reform and advancement of the reality of the Islamic nation, so they made great contributions towards serving public life in its various social, administrative, and economic aspects, to leave behind them the luminous fingerprints in the history of Islamic civilization, which have immortalized their names to this day, and we quote lessons from them in challenging and contributing to the service of our Islamic society.