Political relations between Iran and Britain from the beginning of the reign of Fath Ali Shah of Qajari until the end of the First Iran-Russia war


The period of Qajar rule, which coincided with the nineteenth century, was the height of colonialism and exploitation of European states. The Iranian court became a place to compete with the French and British political agents, when the country of Iran lost its strategic position as a major trade route between the West and the East, and the chaotic economic situation of the country, which was accompanied by internal unrest at the beginning of the reign of Fath ali Shah of Qajari. Britain has many political goals in Iran, including: taking measures to halt the progress of Russia's economic and military influence in Iran, taking measures to prevent Russia from marching into India, using Iran as a defensive barrier against any threat threatening Britain and its interests in the region, and ....During this period, Britain made every effort to impose unilateral agreements that guaranteed its interests on Iran, and the presence of the Qajar kings was a reason for concluding agreements that reflected the color and smell of colonialism in the relations between the two countries. In the pre-Qajar period, when Iranian-British relations revolved in most cases (with the exception of one or two cases) around economic and commercial affairs. Iranian people.With the fluctuations in Britain's foreign policy, the British switched from a "policy of indifference" to a "policy of active role-play" for fear of the increased risk of Russian influence in the region, and he agreed with the Russians. This had many unfortunate consequences in the foreign and domestic policy of the Qajar government, especially during the reign of Fath Ali Shah