FEDERATION OF IRAQI CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE 1969-1983 Historical Economic Study


After the Iraqi Chambers of Commerce found that it desperately needed a union to represent them in discussions with government agencies and commercial delegations with foreign countries inside and outside Iraq, as well as international bodies, economic conferences and local and international fairs , it sought to establish the General Union of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce and this was done on February 18, 1969. Since the establishment of this union until 1983, when it was merged with the Iraqi Federation of Industries, it actively contributed to the revitalization and development of the commercial movement in Iraq, and the removal of obstacles that stand in its way, by sending telegrams to officials, holding meetings with them, holding seminars and conferences, following up the activities of the chambers of commerce, and documenting relations Trade with Arab and international countries by participation in establishing several joint Arab-foreign chambers of commerce, participating in many Arab and international conferences, sending the delegation abroad, receiving delegations coming to Iraq, and providing studies and research on economic conditions