Exploring the readiness of the learning organization to achieve the entrepreneurial direction of business organizations An exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of workers at the University of Baghdad


The purpose of the current research is to analyze the relationship between the learning organization and the entrepreneurial orientation of business organizations. The research was tested at the University of Baghdad, by applying it to a sample consisting of (63) teachers distributed over the faculties of the researched university.As universities began to rely on the characteristics and advantages of educated organizations, which are effective organizations that facilitate and develop knowledge that has become a basic pillar of their competitive advantage, to meet the challenges that require them to distinguish in the provision of their services to society. And explore the future by setting goals and drawing a picture of the future you want to reach. To achieve the research objectives, the researchers designed a questionnaire that included (35) items to collect primary data from the research sample. In light of this, data were collected and analyzed, and hypotheses were tested using the statistical package (SPSS 17).For the purpose of reaching the results, the researchers sought to test two main hypotheses related to the correlation and influence relationships between the two main research variables, and in order to process the data, the statistical means were used which were represented by (the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, Spearman correlation coefficient, and the simple regression coefficient). The research reached conclusions, the most important of which were the existence of moral correlations between the two variables and the presence of a moral impact of the learning organization in achieving the entrepreneurial orientation, and the most important conclusions were that the higher management at the university had a strong focus on research and development, technological leadership, and creativity. Because of its very strong relationship with the learning organization, there is ample scope for experimenting with new methods of work. By providing new services and trying to develop the quality of these services.The research recommended the necessity of serious endeavor by the higher management at the university to make its vision realistic and achievable, because that will contribute to achieving the outstanding performance of the learning organization.