The Transportation and Economic importance of Berths and Harbors in Importing Petroleum Products For the Period Between 2003-2014.


Ports are one of the most important transportation and economic patterns that are important in the life of developed societies, especially as they work to connect all economic and production links with the aim of providing service to society. Therefore, studying the transportation of oil derivatives (gasoline, gas oil, kerosene) in Iraq is one of the important things. The present study iinvestigates the transfer of oil derivatives in terms of importance, size, quantity and value. A number of results were found by studying the geographical data affecting the transport operations, such as the geographical location, population, income, production and domestic consumption of oil derivatives, from the presence of great importance to the marine geographic location of Basra Governorate by the continuous transfer operations Oil derivatives and the existence of a mathematical relationship and a correlation between the quantities of oil derivatives transported through oil ports and docks, and the oil terminals and docks have a major role in transporting oil derivatives despite the presence of many problems they face.