The Relationship of social costs to the institution and society/ Study in Al-Furat General Chemical Industries Company


This research aims to study the contribution of social costs contribution to achieving social luxury in Al-Furat General Chemical Industries company that has considered second largest contamination in the area after the invasive power to deal with chemicals in manufacturing and very dangerous to individual society and environment ,this is first to play an effective role by the senior parties related to sense of social responsibility of the internal and external environment of the company to identify costs that are preventing ,reduced and treating damage caused and achieving sustainable development ,to achieve this goal and what they reached are the difficulty of accounting for the environment and social costs from final accounts and trail balance to interfere with economic costs with their environment and social goal and social contribution by salaries in the2013 environmental sector was less than the year 2012 for the context of mortality ,deaths and health diseases as a result of pollution in the various types of economic and lower –specific rates and salaries in severe incentives and insurance despite the risk of the site in addition to the inequality of workers in allowance ,gloves helmets for work to protect workers from material ,what is recommended for the research is mandatory incidence of the company using a good technical advice to the use of the evolving cleaning and the equipment of the evolution of the evolving and polyvochemical pollution and the hard walk, and use of clean fuels in the industries after the context of the largest and other toxic gases for declining contaminants in combustion in order to protect and improve the environment.