Economic life in the Islamic Sultanate of Kilwa Trade is a Model


This research discusses the emergence of a number of commercial centers in one of the Sultanate and Islamic kingdoms in East Africa, as these centers have relations with other Islamic style kingdoms, in spite of the lack of historical texts that hardly give us a complete picture with accurate data and high credibility about the emergence of these commercial centers in the chain of events and from the beginning till the end. And, despite the scarcity of the sources that were adopted, they reflected people's interest in the economic and humanitarian aspects.In fact, the research focuses on a number of commercial centers in the Islamic Sultanate of Kalwa like Sufala, Muqdisho, Malindi, Mombasa, Mafia, Pemba and Zanzibar. As I pointed out to the description of the Arab geographers and travelers to Zinj countries, in the end, the study reverted to the commercial goods in the Islamic Sultanate of Kalwa, which were considered as a main source of the economy for gold, ivory and slave trad