Child literature between the media and the authority of international organizations to preserve the rights of the child (Socio-linguistic approach)


Child literature is one of the most sensitive and practicing arts, term and reality. If this literature is concerned with a specific age group under the age of eighteen, on the other hand it is concerned with the culture and thought of this group from one society to another, especially between eastern and western societies, and Passing through the translation channel, the basic structures for forming this literature crack, where cracks and cracks abound, so as not to make it necessary to try to restore them, but in what way is this restoration done? Especially, and turning this literature into an interactive digital, cinematic, or television scene, reflected by the media of all kinds, while we find all international organizations calling for the preservation of children's rights, calling for the principle of humanity to be prioritized in everything that composes the literature for children and therefore can we say That everything written for the child is his own literature? What does this literature have to do with the media? Where does the role of international organizations lie in rationalizing this literature?