The Use of digital analysis of Space Data in Studying vegetation cover and the Case of Soil Surface in the District of Merka Sur in the Province of Erbil


The study examined the current status and detection of variability in vegetation in Merkeh Sur district by taking advantage of the integration of remote sensing techniques from modern satellite images provided by Landsat 8 and GIS through the ARC program (NDVI), with the aim of producing digital vegetation cover maps for four seasons (2017) for the study area to identify areas that have changed. While the second chapter deals with the natural components of the study area, the third chapter focuses on the detection and analysis of the change in vegetation cover in the study area. The study concluded with conclusions and recommendations. The results showed that although there was little difference between NDVI between the seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn), the difference was significant when comparing the NDVI values of the four seasons, diffusion of plant spectral reflectivity and low plant density and vegetation in the study area. The study also recommended focusing on GIS techniques and digital processing programs to deal with spatial data and to produce accurate and satisfactory results in the various geographical studies