Evaluation of the Anti-inflammatory Effect of Nanocinnamon Gel on Oral Health


Aims: This study aimed to evaluate the physicochemical characteristics and anti-inflammatory effects of nanocinnamon gel on oral health. Materials and Methods: prepared nanocinnamon gel 2% concentration from nanocinnamon powder and study some of its properties (TEM , IR , pH) and evaluate its effects on gingivitis. The study was carried out on the randomized clinical trial of chronic gingivitis comprises of 45 patients of age between (18-50) years old. They were divided into three groups, fifteen for each group and have been measured the plaque index, gingival index and bleeding for each group at baseline, after 7 and 21 days of treatment, treatment involved mechanical therapy by scaling and polishing at dental clinic and drug treatment in which the first group applied to the mechanical treatment alone, , second group received chlorhexidine gel topically and third group received nanocinnamon gel topically , the treatment used twice daily at least ten minute for three weeks. Data were analyzed using kruscal wallis -test for nonparametric data. Results: the results showed that plaque index were decreased significantly in nanocinnamon group after 21 days of treatment . Gingival index levels decrease significantly in nanocinnamon group after 7 and 21days of therapy.Conclusion: Noancinnamon gel has anti-inflammatory effect that decrease clinical parameter of gingivitis.