Wasit Sufi School and its impact on the Iraqi personality


Wasit Sufism School is one of the intellectual schools that appeared in the Arab Islamic civilization like many evacuated sheikhs as many of them were famous and they were mentioned in books and references with more than thirty Sufi personalities who are not subordinates, murid and students who studied at their hands and they have shown the way of Sufism as a method For life and this path is based on building the personality of the individual based on pure religious origin or tendency, but its motives and goals were ethical aimed at refining the souls of its students and their followers according to a behavioral intellectual attempt in which the religious and mystical side merges with ethics, investigating the legitimate isotopes in the Holy Qur’an and the hadith of the Prophet Sharif concepts of moral and may like this school a great mystical figures such as Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Yusuf Wasti and Sheikh Ahmad Rifai, who is the founder of the largest and most famous method of Sufi in Wasit grow this religious curriculum and educational and moral, which subsequently spread in most parts of the Muslim world