Using of Very Low Density Lipoprotein as a Biological indictor to elect and improve egg production in Local Brown Iraqi Chickens


This experiment was carried out in Poultry Research Station at the Agricultural Research department for the period form 30/9/2015 to 10/5/2016. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between VLDLR and egg production traits . A total of 30 random local Iraqi Brown Chickens were used . The blood sample was collected form hens in three periods at ages 20 , 24 and 30 weeks . The Very Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor (VLDLR) was measured by using special Kit depend on ELISA Procedure . the results study were as follows :Egg Production (EP) was increased due to increase in concentration of VLDLR that measured at 20 weeks of age . Whereas, these traits was increased at 30 week of age due to decrease in concentration of VLDLR.The correlation between VLDLR at 30 weeks of age and EP that recorded during period from 21 to 24 week was Significantly Negative (P<0.05) , and the other periods (25-28 , 29-32 and EP form 21 to 32 weeks of age) was high significantly negative (P<0.0001) which was -0.74 , -0.85 and -0.85 respectively .