Induction of fertile estrus by using CIDR and PMSG in anestrous lactating Holstein-Friesian cows suffering from inactive ovaries.


This study was conducted on 45 anestrous lactating Holstein-Friesian cows suffered from inactive ovaries at day 60 postpartum their age were between 3-6 years old in Al-Nasar station / south of Baghdad province during the 2015-2016 period. These cows were divided randomly into three equal groups (15 cow on each one) according to the type of treatment was used, 1st groupwas treated by CIDR inserted intravaginal for 10 days, 2nd group was treated by CIDR for 10 days and immediately withdrawal CIDR injected with 1000 IU/ PMSG/ IM, the third group 3rd group was considered as a control group (without treatment). All animals which observed at estrus inseminated naturally. The results indicated that animals in 2nd group recorded 86.6% (13/15) as response animals compared with 60% (9/15) and 53.3% (8/15) in 1st and 3rd groups respectively with higher significant (P<0.01) for the 2nd group, also the duration of response was superior significant differences (P<0.01) for the 2nd group (5.37±1.14 days) compared with 1st and 3rd groups (29.56±2.33 and 85.78±7.42 days) respectely, in addition the no. of services / conception was recorded no significant differences between all groups. While the pregnancy rate was 88.8%, 92.3% and 75% in 1st , 2nd and 3rd group respectively with higher significant differences (P<0.01) for the 1st and 2nd group compared with 3rd group (control group) but the days open were recorded best significantly (P<0.01) for 2nd group compared with 1st and 3rd group. Finally the results showed an increasing in serum level of progesterone and estradiol in treated group compared with control group after 10 days. In conclusion that the use of CIDR or CIDR+PMSG will improved reproductive efficiency through the return of animals suffering from inactive ovaries to estrus behavior in anestrous lactating Holstein-Friesian cows with enhancment in many reproductive parameters represented with animal response, duration of response, pregnancy rate and days open.