Influence of the number of reinforcement layers on the bearing capacity of strip foundation resting on sandy soil


Reinforced soil technology is considered one of the most important methods of soil improvement due toits simplicity, easy implementation and saving cost. One of the known soil reinforcement methods is usinggeogrids to improve the bearing capacity of the soil and reduce the settlement of the soil beneathfoundation. In this study, a strip foundation made of a rigid stainless steel with dimensions of 490 mmlength, 135 mm width, and 40 mm thickness and reinforced with geogrid (called Tensar SS2) was testedin a laboratory model to investigate the effect of the number of reinforcement layers on the bearingcapacity and settlement. The soil was reinforced with one, two, three, and four layers of geogrid (TensarSS2). The obtained results showed that the reinforcement using geogrid system significantly improved thebearing capacity while reducing the settlement under the strip foundation compared with unreinforcedsoil. The test result also showed a good improvement in the bearing capacity when the number ofreinforcement layers increased from one to four layers. The bearing capacity of the foundation increasedwhen the soil reinforced by four layers of geogrid to about 2.5 times compared with the case of one layerof geogrid. In addition, the maximum settlement decreased to about 2.0 times compared with the case ofone layer of geogrid.