Bearing Capacity of Square Footing Resting on Layered Soil


The bearing capacity of layered soil studies was carried out with various approaches such as experimental, theoretical, numerical, and combination of them. This work is focused on the settlement and bearing capacity of shallow foundations subjected to the vertical load placed on the surface of layered soils. The experimental part was performed by manufacturing soil cubic container (570 mm x 570 mm x 570 mm). A model square footing of width 60 mm was placed at the surface of the soil bed. The relative density of sand was constant at 60%, and the clay was prepared with a density of 19.2 (kN/m3) and water content of 14.6%. PLAXIS 3D FEM was used to simulate the experimental tests and performing a parametric study. The results showed that there was a good agreement between experimental work and corresponding numerical results. The value of the bearing capacity was obtained from load-settlement curve. The bearing capacity of layered soil showed higher value for footing resting on clay over sand soil. It was found that an increase in the ultimate bearing capacity regarding the clay over sand with increasing in first layer thickness ratio; while, a decrease has been indicated for the sand over clay. The critical depth was found at H = (2-3m), and the failure pattern was not unique for layered soil.