Investing the atmosphere of the 40th visit in the upbringing of the young apostles


The 40th visit is one of the most important social activities that are organized within a religious.ideological. valuative and emotional framework locally and internationally. It is alsoone of the most human gatherings that are held annually and which are religiously and self-centered.where all human values are crystallized and the visitor practices the highest rituals andthe greatest moral practices. The visit of the forty is considered a practical breeding of thebeliefs and morals of the individual Muslim in which they take over the followers of Allah anddisown his enemies.The investment of these spirituality in the education of the soul is one of the most importantto the visitor. his participation in the condolences and grief on the martyrdom of Imam Husseinpeace be upon him and the great position that he stood for the victory of God and the rejectionof falsehood and the visitor’s recall of religious and human values and the falsehood of thewrong line of Yazid bin Muawiya and all of Wrapping up with him and preparing to face himraise the visitor to be a true believer in Imam Hussein peace be upon him. who represents God’srebellion in the earth. Planning to take advantage of these spirituality in helping young peopleto resist the challenges facing them and investing it for their development in all areas is a noblegoal.Since development in the subject of our research is Iraqi youth. so it will be talking aboutyouth in Iraq. According to the statistics made by the representative of the Abbasid threshold.Sayyed Ahmed Al-Safi representative of the religious reference the 40th ‘s visitors havereached more than 12 million visitors. The number of visitors and growing annually attractsresearchers to study and study the possibility of investing in development in all its branches.Iraq is one of the countries that are classified as young countries in the face of the countriescharacterized by the old countries and the interest in the formation of this youth generationwill make this country is characterized by the character of these young people If the younggeneration missionary ambition to employ every opportunity in front of him to serve the goalsof heavenly messages. The country will also be the opposite and it could be if the upbringingof the generation is not properly raised. The median age is 19.3. which means half of the populationis less than 19.3 years old. while the other half is more than this age. according to UNstatistics in 2015.In the event that countries generate young people without human development and withoutjob creation that can adversely affect. The advantages of the young countries are the great energyof that country. which. if invested in the field that is intended to be a great success and showgreat fruits. while at the same time if it is suppressed it has a significant adverse impact.This research includes the presentation of the elements of strength that emerge within theambience of the 40th ‘visit of Imam Hussein. peace be upon him. clarifying the elements ofweakness and the opportunities and the most important challenges facing the young believerand how to invest opportunities and strengths in the preparation of various strategies to dealwith the reality we live and then move to draw different strategies Based on the elements thatwere highlighted in order to achieve the basic goal is to help this generation in its developmentso that he can bear the great trust entrusted to him.