The feeling of psychological alienation and its role in provoking the violent behavior of basketball players in the Specialized School in Baghdad


Psychological alienation is one of the painful and complex psychological, social and economic problems to which athletes are exposed as a result of their lack of psychological security and tranquillity, in addition to their sense of loneliness and isolation, which leads to their lack of orientation towards training and lack of contact with athletes, which leads to frustration in achieving good sports results. Therefore, the researcher decided to go into this problem as an attempt to find out the level of psychological alienation in the sample of research and is there a relationship between it and the behavior of violence in basketball players, due to the weakness of group affiliation and weak social relations? The current research aims to: 1- Identifying the levels of psychological alienation in basketball players 2- To know the level of violent behavior in basketball players 3- Identifying the relationship between psychological alienation and violent behavior in basketball players The researcher assumes: - There is a statistically significant correlation between psychological alienation and violent behavior in basketball players The second part contained some theoretical studies and similar studies and the researcher used the descriptive method in the survey method and correlation relations to suit the nature of the research, and was selected the research community, which represents basketball players deliberately, the 35 players, but the sample of the research consisted of 30 players and sample the exploratory experiment consisted of (5) players. The researcher was used by the psychological alienation scale, which consists of (48) paragraphs, and (6) areas The researcher also used the measure of violent behavior that contains the scale of (48) paragraphs, while the alternatives of the scale are four alternatives (I strongly agree, agree, emil for approval, emil to reject) and the researcher conducted an exploratory experiment on (5) players from outside the sample research as well the scientific characteristics of the two scales were extracted and the researcher used statistical bag (sps) to extract and after the results were presented and analyzed and discussed the following conclusions were reached:1- Basketball players were distinguished by a high level of psychological alienation.2. Basketball players have a high level of violent behaviour3- The existence of a morally functioning link between psychological alienation and violent behavior of basketball players In light of the findings that emerged, the researcher recommended: 1- Conducting similar studies on the variable of psychological alienation and linking it to other psychological variables2- A study on reducing violent behavior for basketball players 3- Use psychological preparations with basketball players in order to reduce the violent behavior of their4-Conducting a study using research variables and applying them to the players of the team games and other games