The economic dimensions of the’Al-Arbaiyniyah’ visit to Imam Al-Hussein’s holy shrine in the perspective of sustainable development


Al-Arbaiyniyah’ visit to Imam Al-Hussein’s holy shrine plays important role in moving themasses to the lofty goals of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) for which the values of faith،freedom، justice and humanity as the human value of the highest must be invested and maintainthe sustainability of productivity reference to the perspective of sustainable development hasbecome advocated by international organizations and humanity In the world today، and hasbeen called by our noble Prophet Muhammad، peace be upon him and his family and his familyafter him.Thus we need to be a visit to the cultural work of guidance and awareness to guidepeople and invest emotions and bold to introduce them all those values. In view of the factthat the phenomenon of (the’Al-Arbaiyniyah’ visit to Imam Al-Hussein’s holy shrine) blessedvisits is one of several economic dimensions in all its aspects and variables، it is witnessinga remarkable growth and development both at the level of the number of local visitors، Arabsand foreigners، or at the level of what is presented and exerted great human، materi a l andservice efforts by local، Arab and foreign processions، Ministries، institutions، governmentdepartments، civil society organizations and the various media are free to collect، t abulate،study and analyze.The current research aims to provide a simplified theoretical framework onsustainable development and the integration of sustainable economic dimensions to visit theblessed forty to be a light from all the free people in the world to raise the whole humanityto the noble values of the people of the house، the prayers of God to them all and to improvehuman conditions and reduce the waste of various resources، Increase the efficiency of theirinvestment، and preserve the environment and its components.