Al-Abdal lives, spiritual and scientific, from the second century until the end of the seventh century AH / eighth - thirteenth century AD - Historical study-


Al-Abdal is a group of worshiping scholars and saints who were present in various cities in the Arab Islamic state, who were known for worship, deep faith and purity of hearts. The scholars differed about these hadiths, and some scholars have confirmed the existence of al-Abad and the authenticity of the hadiths in that, such as Abu Naim al-Isfahani, al-Tabarani and al-Suyuti, while Ibn Taymiyyah believes that there is one hadith about al-Abad and it is weak and has no chain of transmission. It is mentioned in the books of As-Sahih, just as the scholar Muhammad bin Nasser al-Albani is all its weaknesses. Whatever the matter, the research is a historical study in which the one who was called the substitution was included in it as some hadiths were narrated in it. It is obvious to them, and they find no embarrassment in releasing it to those who are famous for their worship and divine life, and it seems that the scholars did not know the weakness of these hadiths, so they made a mistake when they called them the substitution. We will shed light on their spiritual and scientific lives in the research.