Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna for GSM Applications and Study the Effect of Substrate Thickness on the Bandwidth


In this paper, a microstrip patch antenna designed for GSM (Global System for Mobile) applications at the frequency 0.9GHz (0.89 - 0.96 GHz), using an epoxy FR-4 substrate with an isolation constant of 4.3 and a thickness of 1.6mm and improving its radiate properties. The thickness of the substrate was changed, where a thickness of 3.2 mm was taken, then a third thickness of 1.4 mm was taken, then the results of changing the frequency beam width for each thickness were compared and it was noticed that the frequency beam width at the thickness 3.2 is equal to 0.41018GHz and the working frequency is 0.939 GHz, but at the thickness of 1.6 mm, the beam width The frequency is 0.35448GHz With a working frequency of 0.963GHz and the beam width at the third thickness 1.4 is equal to 0.26998GHz and a working frequency of 0.94939GHz, the thin film antenna was designed and the results simulated using (CST) 2019 software.