Practical training programs and their impact on the art of food service etiquette : An applied study in premium class hotels in Baghdad


The contemporary business environment has witnessed a number of developments and rapid changes in light of the intense competition between the five-star hotel organizations, which affected the quality of food service provided to guests, and from this standpoint the problem of the current study came to reveal how the practical training programs affect in applying the art of etiquette to provide food service in terms of skills, and the philosophy of the current study emerged from the reality of field experiments specifically in Superior-class hotels in Baghdad (Al-Mansour, Al-Rashid, Palestine, Ishtar, Babylon), and the justification for choosing the aforementioned hotel as a scientific case study is because it is one of the most important hotel organizations classified in the city of Baghdad, From the hypotheses, and to test them, the applied study was used that included (42) working individuals Of the employees in the food department at the level (director of the food department, assistant director of the food department, restaurant manager, lounge captain). The influence is strong between practical training programs, and applied food service etiquette.