The city of Arbil through the historical and geographical accounts of Al-Baladl Dictionary by Yaqout Al-Hamwi (d.626 AH / 1228 AD)


Yaqut al-Hamwi is one of the most important and most famous of the countrymen in the seventh century AH / thirteenth century AD, in contrast to what was achieved in his book The Dictionary of Countries, which included in between it different colors of geographical, literary, historical and economic arts, which he gathered during his long travels throughout the country and his knowledge of the conditions of the world and countries Which he visited or experienced by those sightings that opened wide horizons in front of him and gave him a strong impetus to expand his perceptions in the different fields of knowledge in general and the geographical field in particular, so he had traveled to many lands by land and sea, such as the Arab Gulf regions, the Levant, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Khorasan and Khwarazm, and many regions. From Iraq, including the city of Arbil, about which we have only talked about its cities and towns


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