Effect of Biohealth and Mineral Fertilizer in the Product and Quality of Four Varieties of Eggplant


An experiment was carried out under plastic house of the Dept.of Horticulture- Agric. Coll.- Uni. Baghdad durin the fall season of 2016, to investigate the integrated fertilization effect on the productivity four eggplant verities, 24 research treatment was adopted in split plot within Random Complete Block Design(RCBD), Bead Alagel (W), Black Beauty (B), Long Red (R) and Yashel (G) local verities were adopted as main factors while Fertilizer treatment (sub factor)were: as control (0%orgnic-bio+0%mineral)T1, (0%orgnic-bio+100%mineral)T2, (25%orgnicbio+75%mineral)T3, (50%orgnic-bio+50%mineral)T4, (75%orgnic-bio+25%mineral)T5,(100%orgnic-bio+0%mineral)T6, NPK mineral fertilizer and Biohealth as organic –Bio fertilizer were used, The results showed the superiority of calf eggs yielding the highest number of leaves, paper area, total plant yield, and total alkaloids, and the highest yield of total phenols. The fertilization treatment (75%bio-organic+25%)exceeded the highest number of leaves and total phenols, The treatment of fertilization(organic+100%+100%mineral) increased the paper area, total yield and total alkaloids. The treatment of fertilization (75%organic+bio+25%)for Black Beauty was superior in the total phenols rate, The fertilization treatment(75%organic+bio+25%)exceeded the highest leaf area, fertilization (75% organic +bio+25%)for Long Red gave the highest number of leaves, while the fertilization treatment (0%organic+bio+100%)for calf eggs increased total alkaloids and total yield