Study the uses of agricultural land within the municipal boundaries For the city of Najaf using (GIS)


Abstract:The use of agricultural land is one of the important studies as it is subjected to random episodes on the one hand and unintentional abuse of communities and populations and neglect of the law on the other.In this research, we are investigating the change and growth of agricultural land use in Najaf city through the basic plans and analysis of the current reality of the land use as implemented in practice, and to know the extent of commitment of the municipality and the citizen to the specific uses, in the structural plans in the cityThe use of agricultural land occupies a space adjacent to residential neighborhoods (such as military district and engineers neighborhood and victory district and neighborhood neighborhood and mercy, as well as farms scattered on the side of the yearly street in his left and right), and distributed these farms in 1982 , if we examine its history We will find their appearance varying at short intervalshe results of the research that the use of agricultural land a clear impact on the uses of other land is competing with residential and commercial use of this side on the other side is its impact on the population of neighboring neighborhoods with a range of effects, including environmental, health, economic and urbanization of the city's urban structure, in addition to these Uses are not present in the city's master plan in 1990 although they do exist in practice Key words : land uses , agricultural land uses , environmental effects , health effects , security effects , deformation of the urban structure .