Positive Communicative Behavior and its Role in the Psychological Compatibility of Employees - An Exploratory Study of the views of a Sample of Employees in the Municipality of Dhi Qar Governorate


Abstract:Purpose: To reveal the role of positive communication behavior in the psychological compatibility of employeesDesign / Methodology / Approach: The research used a number of methods including the descriptive and analytical method for the purpose of ascertaining that there is a relationship between the variables of the research and the preparation of a questionnaire form to obtain the information and the choice of hypotheses. The questionnaire was designed based on strict scientific standards and was analyzed using the statistical program (spss.v22) and the Research Complex in the Municipality Directorate of Dhi Qar Governorate.Results: The results showed that there is support and support and a large role of positive communication behavior in contributing to the change of psychological compatibility among the workers in the research sample.Scientific implications: To employ the results of the research in the adoption of the organization investigated (The three municipal departments in Al-Nasr, Rifa'i and Shatrah districts) to the dimensions of positive communication behavior, which contributes to enhance the psychological compatibility among workers at the level of sub-variables of this variable adopted.Originality / Value: Research shares in bridging the knowledge gap in the absence of an Arab or foreign study to the knowledge of the researcher dealt with the relationship between search variables in the model and one hypothesis to support and enhance the behavior of psychological compatibility of employees in the organization investigated.Key words : Positive Communicative Behavior , Psychological Compatibility , Municipality of Dhi Qar Governorate .