Photonic Crystal Fiber Sensor for X Ray Approximate Effective Radiation Dose


X-ray is electromagnetic wave pass through all human tissue and show tissue image by black and white, and the explosion for x ray in short treatment may cause cancer, Photonic crystal fiber used as detector for x- ray approximate effective radiation dose for human bone for spine x- ray 1.5 mSv which need 6month to repeat the exposure and extremity (foot, hand and etc.) x-ray 0.001 mSv need to 3 hours to repeat exposure , the change in x ray dose can be detected by measuring the change in wavelength shifting of laser 450nm which pass through photonic crystal fiber and effected by the emission of x-ray to record the small change in x-ray dose and save the human from radiation and this sensor is small compact and easy to use and have high sensitivity for x -ray used to measure the bone x-ray as its value lower than other x-ray used in others tissue.