Human resource management practices and their impact on applying etiquette according to the service flower model: Questionnaire research of a sample of managers working in four-star hotels in Baghdad city


The main purpose behind research is test of “the impact of human resource management practices with their sub-dimensions as an independent variable in applying the rules of etiquette according to the service flower model as a dependent variable”. The variables of current research have been a great attention as being one of the important subjects as result of opening iraq to the world and regional countries. Research tries also to answer the questions related to the research problem via selecting main hypotheses as related to the correlation and influence. To achieve the hypotheses detection the questionnaire study has been used and applied on the managers sample on the level of (board of directors, the executive managers, departments heads, directors of divisions and units) who work in four stars hotels in Baghdad city about 62 workers. The data have been collected through questionnaire as man method of study. It has been used many of statistical methods to process data including: Alfa kronbagh factors,,criterion deviation, superman correlation of ranks, analysis of regression). The most important results of study have been restricted that there is positive relation impact between the human resource management practices in applying etiquette art according to the service flower model.