Hydrodynamic Simulation of Flood Due to Hypothetical Momentary Mosul Dam Failure


Flood wave simulation due to hypothetical momentary failure of Mosul Dam wascarried out by applying the (IBER) hydrodynamic model for the dam storagescenarios (300, 310, 320, 330 and 335) meter above sea level after testing thevalidity and calibration the model to identify areas that will be inundated betweendam site and south Mosul City. Flood waves simulation maps representing borders,water levels and depths were drawn. The inundated areas for between dam site andnorth Mosul city were determined for the mentioned storage scenarios are (69.14,114.76, 158.2, 202.5 and 245.6) km2respectively.The minimum and maximum percentage of the inundated area within Mosul Citywas also calculated to be (25.6-54.6) % respectively out of the total city area. Themaximum flood wave discharges at the failed dam breach and at Mosul City dueto the worst dam storage scenario (335) m a.s.l are (781132 and 337138) m3/srespectively. While the elapsed travel time for maximum discharge reaching MosulCity is (4.18) hours from the initiation of dam failure. The maximum flood depthwithin Mosul City is (36.7) m occurred after (4.68) hours.Finally, the routing percentage occurred in the maximum flooding discharge(attenuation) between dam site and Mosul City for storage scenario (335) meters is56.8% while the lag time was (4.03) hours.