Geographical Distribution of Poultry Production in Kirkuk District for The Year 2019


The study dealt with the geographical distribution of poultry production projects in Kirkuk district for 2019, livestock production is complementary to plant production. This research aims to study the production and distribution of poultry in the areas of Kirkuk district, where poultry is an important part of animal availability, as a field survey was carried out (112) Officially licensed and unlicensed poultry breeding projects, all of which are invested by the private sector.The production capacity of these projects in 2019 (4390500) was (35) days (7902900 tons) of poultry meat. The area of Lilan ranked first in the number of projects and the quantity of production, the number (75) of productive projects and the actual production capacity (1488000) of meat, i.e. (35.4%) of the total production of the judiciary and the quantity of production (2678400) tons, with the total number of projects approved in the judiciary (58) and (27.4%) of the total projects in the region, while the number of projects not approved in the judiciary amounted to (154) projects and constitutes (72.6%) Of the total projects in the region, there are no approved projects for poultry, but the feed and hatching factories are private and there is no government either. The number of hatchers in the region has reached 4 hatchers and a production capacity estimated at (3720000) eggs /month, as the district of Lilan is the largest productivity of the center of the judiciary in the number of chicks.