The impact of the ClM model on the achievement of fourth-grade primary students In science


The research aims to identify the impact of the use of the Yaker model (CLM building learning in the achievement of the fourth elementary students in the science syllabus. In the achievement, the research community and a sample of the fourth grade primary school in al-Bulb mixed primary school, which belongs to the Directorate of Baghdad Governorate / Al-Karkh III, were selected intentionally, as the sample of the research (50) students, randomly distributed to be division (a) experimental group, and the number of its members (25) pupils studied according to Anmog Yaker Education and Division B The control group and the number of its members (25) pupils, studied according to the usual way, were rewarded in the variables (previous achievement in the science syllabus for the third grade of primary, previous information) and the subject was identified in the four chapters of the fifth and sixth units of the science syllabus For the fourth grade of primary and applied the experiment in the second semester of the year (2017- 2018) and has prepared an educational test with the number of paragraphs (25) objective paragraphs, of the type of choice of multiple, and has extracted honesty for the test paragraphs and stability. The results of the research showed that the students of the experimental group, which studied according to the use of the Yaker model in achievement, outperformed the students of the control group that was studied in the usual manner