Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Natural Dyes Freestanding Films and Application in Optical Limiting


Natural dyes were followed and prepared froma pomegranate, purple carrot, and eggplant peel. Theabsorbance spectra was measured in the wavelengthrange 300-800 nm. The linear properties measurementsof the prepared natural dye freestanding films weredetermined include absorption coefficient (α0), extinctioncoefficient (κ), and linear refraction index (n). Thenonlinear refractive index n2 and nonlinear absorptioncoefficient β2 of the natural dyes in the water solutionwere measured by the optical z-scan technique under apumped solid state laser at a laser wavelength of 532 nm.The results indicated that the pomegranate dye can bepromising candidates for optical limiting applicationswith significantly low optical limiting of 3.5 mW.