he Effect of Strategic Learning in adopting Digital Business Strategies through the Mediating Role of Strategic Capabilities Analytical Exploratory Research of the views of a sample of Mobile Telecommunications Companies Managers in Holy City of Karbala


The aim of the research is to test the mediating role of the strategic capabilities in strengthening the relationship between strategic learning and digital business strategies by application in a sample of mobile telecommunications companies in the holy Karbala province, and in order to achieve this, Asia Cell, Zain Iraq, Korek Telecom, Al-Kafeel Security and Iraq Sale have been selected as an applied field. To search by distributing a questionnaire that included (64) respondents managers of the research sample companies, it included branch managers, department heads, divisional officials, administrative, technical and engineering units, as well as managing directors of private agencies. The simple correlation coefficient (Pearson) was used, and the simple regression equation as well as descriptive statistical methods (arithmetic mean, standard deviation) by adopting SPSS V.23 program, while the Sobel test was approved to prove the significance of the mean variable. And one of the most important conclusions that was reached is that the strategic capabilities have an effective influence in enhancing the relationship between strategic learning and the digital business strategy of companies, the research sample in light of competition in the Iraqi mobile telecommunications sector. The research was concluded with a number of recommendations, the most prominent of which is the need to employ the mediating role of the strategic potential in enhancing the influential relationship between strategic learning in order to adopt a digital business strategy within the rapidly growing telecommunications sector in line with the provision of new services that add value to the companies of the research sample as well as their employees across its geographically diverse branches.