Adopting Integrating Images Techniques in Correcting the Geometric and Radiometric Distortion of Satellite Images


Mathematical integration techniques are integration techniques that rely on mathematical relationships such as addition, subtraction, division, and subtraction to merge images different resolution to achieve the best effect of the merger. In this study simulation to correct the geometric and radiometric distortion of satellite images based on mathematical integration techniques (Brovey Transform BT, Color Normalized Transform CNT and Multiplicative Model MM) and the use of interpolation methods (nearest neighborhood, bilinear and cubic bicubic) on the images captured by an optical camera. The evaluation of images resulting from the integration process using several measure types; The First type depends on the determination of quality in the regions of the edges using contrast measure with number of edges and threshold. The Second type is the global one that based on image region (Mean µ, Standard Deviation SD, Signal to Noise Ratio SNR and Amount of Information Added to the original image AIAt,e,h). The results showed the efficiency of the integration process in the images fusion with different resolutions in one image integrated resolution and efficiency of quality measures in the evaluation of any of the techniques are the best and determine the accurate information of the resulting image