A suggested model for the foundations of scientific research at the University of Mosul


Scientific and technological knowledge in our contemporary society has become a major player in disseminating the causes of economic and social progress and developing material and human resources and making good use of them. One of the researchers stressed that knowledge of the same engine that is necessary for the process of economic growth in every provider country, and that scientific developments and their practical applications lead to increasing and improving production.The age has passed when some people believed that science is for information only, science has become the decisive element between progress and backwardness, the breadth and complexity of knowledge and the diversity of areas of life and its various applied arts have made the solution of economic and social problems resulting from it and the development of human wealth and raise its production adequacy and cultural and social level urgent necessities In our contemporary society.The necessities imposed by scientific progress are considered a cornerstone of the university at the present time, starting from the prestigious position of the university as an advanced vanguard that leads the movement of progress and development in enriching knowledge and development in all fields and advancing society and achieving a prosperous future for it, and thus university education has become a serious and important message in the progress of society The universities are no longer ivory towers overlooking them on society, concerned only with the orders of their students and purely theoretical and abstract studies.