Reduction of Saline Stress in Mungbean Callus Using Brassinolide and Vitamin C


An experiment was conducted at the Ministry of Science and Technology/ Directorate of Agricultural Research, Genetic Engineering Department during2019. The aim of the experiment was to study the effect of sodium chloride salt (NaCl), brassinolide (BL) and vitamin c (Vit.C) on fresh and dry weights and elements content (N,P and K) in callus tissue which initiated from different mungbean explants. Four levels of NaCl (6,9,12 and 15)dS.m-1, three concentrations of BL (0, 0.02, 0.04)mg.l-1 and Vit.C (0,20, and 40)mg.l-1 and their interaction. The experiment was design in Completely Randomized in factorial with three replicates for each treatment. Results showed that significant differences by increase NaCl levels and concentrations of BL and Vit.C. The preference was for interaction with treatment(9dS.m-1NaCl+0.02mg.l-1 BL+40mg.l-1Vit.C) for the highest fresh and dry weights and elements content as compared with other treatments, while the lowest of parameters studied mentioned above in treatment(15dS.m-1NaCl+0mg.l-1BL+0mg.l-1Vit.C). Synergistic effect between BL and Vit.C have reduced the adverse effect of salt stress particularly 0.02 mg.l-1 BL and 40mg.l-1 Vit.C.