Influence of Bio-Fertilizers and Addition Methods on Growth, Yield and Quality of Sweet Pepper Under Green House


The effect of some biofertilizers and addition methods on growth, yield, and quality of sweet pepper were studied under greenhouse conditions. This research was conducted at ALLatifia Research Station(Located 35 km south of Baghdad), Agricultural Research Directorate, Baghdad- Iraq, during season 2016. The factors were methods of adding biofertilizers (A) included added to seeds (A1) and added to transplants (A2) and bio-fertilizers (T) included without adding any biofertilizers as control(T0), Pseudomonas fluorescence (T1), Azospirillim brasilense (T2), Bacillus subtillus (T3) and Azotobactor chroococcum (T4). Results showed a significant increase in plant height for treatment of Azotobacter chroococcum which recorded (79.00 cm) compared with (65.00 cm) in the control treatment. There is no significant influence of biofertilizers treatments in leaf area dcm2. Moreover, the treatment of Azotobacter chroococcum showed a significant increase for plant yield and total yield which recorded (1344.00 gm plant-1 and 1512.00 kg green house-1) respectively in comparison with the control treatment which recorded( 880.00 gm plant-1 and 989.00 kg green house-1) respectively.