Designing an in-service training program for art education teachers


The purpose of the research is to design a training program for the teachers of art education during the service in the General Directorate of Education in Babil Governorate. The researcher reached the following results: The design of a training program in the teaching of the assessment and measurement "educational competencies" The reason for the superiority of the experimental group which was studied according to the design of a training program on the control group, which was studied according to the usual method (lecture) with the subject of educational competencies, is due to the following reasons:1. The application of tribal testing to each learner before the study of educational competencies helped determine the level of "student, teacher" and previous experiences, and this relates to the cognitive and skill.2. The educational tools used and the accompanying activities of each unit, which were presented to the target group during the course of the education, raised their attention to learning the material.3. The adoption of the theoretical foundations of the model "Cane" as a design framework for the training program contributed significantly to the acquisition of technical skills in the subject of educational competencies.4. Achieving feedback and immediate reinforcement in each unit has made the learner make sure that it is comprehensibleIn light of the findings and conclusions reached by the researcher, the following recommendations can be formulated:1. Adopting the training program, which has been tested in terms of educational competencies, and focusing on the principle of observing individual differences between learners, because each learner represents a special case that does not match with others in education.2. Work on the preparation of supplies and materials for learning technical skills in the subject of educational competencies.3. To encourage the teachers of art education to use modern techniques to reduce the two-time effort to develop the capabilities of innovative thinking through the use of feedback, which reveals the capabilities of "students, teachers" to remember information and use it technically.4. The skill of teaching art education requires a combination of theory and practice, so the emphasis on the training and preparation section to open continuous training courses for teachers to inform them of the most important educational, psychological and technological developments in order to serve the march of science and raise their teaching competencies.5. Adopting modern methods in teaching and teaching, using educational designs and creating the appropriate educational environment, and providing appropriate material and human resources to ensure the development of the teaching of knowledge and technical skills.To complete the research, the researcher proposes the following studies:1. Building a measure of trends and trends of art education teachers towards the teaching methods of plastic materials.2. Design a training program for teachers of art education to improve the Arabic calligraphy (the researcher started to work on it).