The effect of a small-game training program (SSG) on developing some complex skill performances among football players under 16 years


1.Prepare a training program to develop some skill-based performances through small games (SSG).2.Identify the effect of the training program to develop some complex skill performances for the experimental group. . Identify the differences between the control and experimental groups.3 The researcher used the experimental approach with two control and experimental groups, and the research community consisted of the junior players under 16 years of Sulaymaniyah football clubs, which amounted to (3) clubs and they are (Ashti , Serwani Nawa , Peshmarga Sulaymaniyah ) where the number of players reached 75 players. As for the research sample, the researcher selected the Ashti club players by deliberate method, which numbered (23) players, and the two groups were distributed randomly and in the manner of a draw with (10) players for each group, and (3) players were excluded, who are goalkeepers. The means of collecting data based on the sources and references to determine the complex skills and tests for these skills. The data was dealt with by adopting the statistical package (SPSS).