Mysticism in ‘A Christmas Carol’ By Charles Dickens


This research investigates the novella written by Charles Dickens to highlight the concept of the spiritual journey of transformation. Mysticism is an approach found in most of Dickens‟ writings. The vital one which is under current study is ‘A Christmas Carol‟ (1843). The research illustrates a representation of the title and the purpose of its choice. However, the main theme that is investigated is the symbolic spiritual journey held by the three spirits. In his novel, Dickens tries to highlight that the transformation from a stingy rich businessman into a humanist is only through spirituality. According to the seventeenth century, the mystical type boomed in England (Spurgeon, 1970). Subsequently, Dickens is affected by this thematic function and tries to portray this in his writings. Starting from an emotional barricade at the first chapter, Dickens underscores that the spiritual journey is the door leading to the salvation and redemption. He pinpoints that moralities are not restricted only to the religious occasions. However, mysticism must be an approach in human life to enter Heaven.